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Chesterfield Caving Club have traditionally been very active in Stoney Middleton Dale. We undertake regular conservation activities including clearing rubbish, cleaning graffiti and SSSI monitoring on behalf of Natural England. One of our members prepared the Conservation Audit and Cave Management Plan for the Stoney Middleton Dale Caves on behalf of the Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA). The audit provides a guide for those interested in conservation in Stoney Middleton Dale and can be downloaded here.


Members of Chesterfield Caving Club are also interested cave exploration in Stoney Middleton Dale. Recently a discovery was made when undertaking conservation work on the Nicker Grove Mine ‘Timbered Shaft’. On reopening of the long closed route to the Nicker Grove Streamway, a well decorated aven was discovered. Many of the large formations had been historically removed by Miners, and so the aven was named ‘T’Owd Mans Grotto’. Another notable discovery was made by members of the Club when exploring in Merlin Mine, which re-connected Gimli's Dream and with Carlswark Cavern.


The Club has also been helping the owners of Treak Cliff Cavern at Castleton to keep the more remote parts of the tourist cave free from litter.




If you are interested in conservation or exploration in Stoney Middleton Dale and would like to find out more about the Clubs activities contact Mark.